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Dawlish & the railway in the nineteenth century

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With History
in Dawlish

Dawlish & the railway in the nineteenth century

Having Fun in Dawlish

A History of Dawlish Farms

Dawlish Railway History Walk

Aspects of Dawlish History

Dawlish at War

Stories of Dawlish Shore

The Early History of Dawlish
Cricket Club

Dawlish Schools

The History of Brewery, High Street, Dawlish

History of the Manor House

Hot off the Press

How Dawlish Lost its Independence

Inns & Taverns
 of Old Dawlish

Margaret's Sacrifice

The Mills of Dawlish

More Aspects of Dawlish History

More Dawlish Folk

The Story of Oaklands House

On Guard


Regent Cottage and Manor Cottage

Shops & Trades of Dawlish

The Weather in Dawlish Past, Present and Future

William's War


The Lawn Dawlish


Grand Houses, Dawlish


The Church in This Place


Kenn and Kenford


Dawlish Warren: Contrasts & Changes

The following publications are out of print but may be available on request, at cost.

The Old Vicarage

The Black Swans
 of Dawlish

Dawlish Folk

Eastdon Hamlet
and the elusive
Cockwood House

Lanherne and Lea Mount

Mary's Secret Life

Stonelands A Regency Mansion

The following publications are no longer available from the Dawlish Local History Group.

All at Sea


The Story of
Bridge House

What was an Atmospheric

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Complete List of Books on Dawlish History Compiled by David Gearing.

Dawlish Local History Group Archive subject list Compiled by David Allanach.