On this site, stood a large thatched house built of cob after 1810, when a great flood, washed away the blacksmith’s shop and cottage that were here. It also destroyed many other houses and wrecked the newly created Lawn and water course.

In 1861, the house, known as Sea View House was advertised as “All that genteel dwelling house with plot in front, with detached coach-house and stable, … having a frontage of 132’ together with a small shop and yard of 27’ frontage.”

Joseph Matthews bought the house. He and his wife, Amelia, lived in one part; his son and daughter-in-law in another; and an officer’s widow and her daughter in the third section.

By 1878, the house had been demolished for the construction of the current Brookdale Terrace. And in 1889, the Devon and Cornwall Banking Company bought the adjoining cottages and built the bank, which was until recently, the Natwest bank.