For all enquiries please E Mail: enquiries@dawlishhistory.org.uk

In the subject line of the E Mail please give a brief reason for contacting the Dawlish Local History Group (eg: membership, book purchase, family history, building history etc.) or if you wish to address a specific person please include their name.

Committee Members

Chairman: David Gearing, tel: 01626 888772

Secretary: David Allanach, tel: 01626 863708

Treasurer: Dave Strawbridge, tel: 07709 607218

Speaker Secretary: Ray Bickel, tel: 01626 863523

Committee Member: Keith Gibson, tel: 01626 866776

Committee Member: Mike Trigger, tel: 01626 866773

Group Historian

Group Historian: Tricia Whiteaway, tel: 01626 866927, historian@dawlishhistory.org.uk

The constitution of the Dawlish Local History Group can be viewed here